Tribute to Walter Mondale

Thank you to those who attended and sponsored. 

It was our privilege at The Summit for Civil Rights to host a reception, November 9, 2017, honoring Vice President Walter F. Mondale's contributions to human and civil rights, as well as his continuing work for racial justice and economic opportunity. 

Walter F. Mondale, Vice President under Jimmy Carter and the 1984 Democratic nominee for president, was a giant of civil rights in the United States Senate during some of the most consequential moments in our nation’s history. The introduction of the Fair Housing Act and its passage as the Civil Rights Act of 1968 would not have been possible without the leadership, courage, and moral clarity of then-Senator Mondale.

We invite you to support this important conversation about the future of civil rights in America.

In 1967, Senator Mondale echoed Dr. King, A. Philip Randolph and Thurgood Marshall when he warned that America “will never be able to solve the problems of de facto school segregation, slum housing, crime and violence, disease, blight, and pollution” unless we address what he called “two monstrous national disgraces [that] are really one” – poverty and racial segregation.

At the Summit for Civil Rights and in the efforts that follow, we will continue the unfinished work of Walter Mondale and the many other great women and men of the Civil Rights Movement. Thank you to those who attended and became sponsors to support the work of the Institute and to honor this very special American.

Funds raised in conjunction with the reception and Summit will go to a new national initiative to reignite a multiracial movement for civil rights and economic justice through grassroots organizing, training, and litigation with the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, housed at the University of Minnesota Law School.

Attached you will find a variety of sponsorship levels, and more information about the Summit and reception.